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Three bottoms bared and ready for a caning or spanking
She's been a naughty girl and her sore bottom can attest to it!
A bad schoolgirl getting a caning or switching from her teacher
A classics photo of two girls in stockings spanking with a hairbrush
A bare bottom about to be switched

Tired of the same old spanking stories and pictures that have been posted everywhere hundreds of times? Then join Retro Spank for something "old" that's still brand new, "spanking the way it used to be." Our material is generally quite soft core and doesn't contain explicit nudity or obscene language. If you've longed for the old days, for a kinder gentler time, (except maybe for the very sore young lady on the wrong end of the hairbrush!) our site is for you!

We feature old-fashioned OTK spanking with the hairbrush, cane, switches, and more. If you enjoy reading stories of naughty boys and girls being taken to the "woodshed", then don't miss out - join today!

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Our site is updated twice monthly (once between the 1st & 15th & again sometime between the 16th & the end of the month) and each update contains at least six - eight new spanking story chapters, plus a variety of other material... spanking letters, spanking comics, & short magazine articles on spanking, OTK, and more. All will be published with original illustrations. Our material is mostly a mix of M/F, F/F and F/M spanking.

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Retro Spank features classic stories like "Spanking Hotel", "Mr. Bottomley Goes to Town", and "Gloria", updated twice a month. We have timeless discipline letters and articles from Mister Magazine, Justice Weekly, Your Romance, Love and Marriage, and others. We'll also have a huge selection of spanking illustrations, cartoons, photos, and more.

As far as we know this is the ONLY place on the Internet to find many of these spanking stories and illustrations.

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